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Welcome to Beauty Tastes Great!

We’ve got style!

We like to have fun with fashions and make-up, but we know that looking our best means being healthy and feeling strong.

We’re young at heart!

Regardless of how many birthdays we’ve had, we grab life with both hands and we make the most of it.

We believe knowledge is power!

In the kitchen, in the classroom, hanging out with friends or on the internet, Beauty Tastes Great gals love to learn.


We’re excited by opportunities to communicate!

We know that good friends can be found anywhere and everywhere, and they make the journey so much richer.

We smile easily!

We all struggle with things that get us down, so we share jokes and funny stories whenever we can, because we know laughter is a great healer.

Beauty Tastes Great Break From Work

Are you a Beauty Tastes Great woman?

If you are, then join us!

We’re looking forward to hanging out with you!

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“I’m so glad I found Beauty Tastes Great! We need more sites for women over 50.” Sue

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how Beauty Tastes Great develops. It’s fun being part of it from the beginning.” Marie

“These days, with so many conflicting ideas about what is and isn’t healthy, I’m glad there’s a site that isn’t selling me a diet or lifestyle. I like it that Beauty Tastes Great is exploring and explaining rather than pushing an agenda.” Eileen

“New recipes are always welcome, especially healthy ones! It’s so hard to come up with something different everyday. I’ll be visiting Beauty Tastes Great regularly for inspiration.” Marg