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Hi, I’m Heather.

I’m always curious about the people behind the blogs and websites I visit. If you’re visiting my About page, you must be curious too.

What shall I tell you? How do I sum up 55 years in a few paragraphs? I’ll just keep typing and we’ll see where this goes.

I’ve always been goal oriented. The first goal I ever had was to be a mom.

About Heather Beauty Tastes Great

Thankfully, I was blessed with four beautiful kids, two daughters, who are now 29 and 26 and married to a couple of great guys, and twins, a boy and a girl, who are now 20 and in university.

My husband, Neil, is my best friend. We met when I was 19 and he was 20 and married five years later. We’ve always laughed easily, made up quickly and had a lot of respect for each other, so it’s been a happy, deeply satisfying partnership.

Growing up, I wanted to be a novelist. I think it was the lifestyle I imagined novelists to have that attracted me, because I didn’t really like reading novels until I was about 18.

I studied advertising and public relations at college, and then took a job as a communications officer. The work was okay, but the atmosphere in the office wasn’t.

In 1988, I was pregnant with our first daughter, Quinn, and looking forward to maternity leave, when Neil found a job in another city.

"It’s a funny time of life, because it’s so wide open and unimagined. By that, I mean that I never really imagined life beyond what you might call “middle-age.” Did you?!"


I was delighted with the move, because it meant I didn’t have to go back to my job and could instead stay home with my lovely little girl.

A couple of years later, Neil and I agreed that he should do his Ph.D., and so he looked at coastal engineering programs around the world and chose one at The University of Liverpool.

I imagined living in England would be a great adventure, and eventually it was. But in the beginning, I was homesick and lonely, and we were broke.

In an effort to remedy the situation, I started writing again.

First, I tried self-publishing. I wrote a little cook book for moms, modelled very much on Vicki Lansky’s Feed Me I’m Yours, and sold it for two pounds through want ads in newspapers and magazines.

Next, I tried my hand at feature writing, and became a regular contributor to a Manchester based parenting magazine called Small Talk.

That gave me the confidence to go after the nationals, and in October 1991, when I was very pregnant with our second daughter, Oak, I had my first feature published in Parents.

I worked hard, and soon I was getting calls from editors all over the UK, contributing to lots of different magazines and being interviewed on television and radio in the UK and occasionally in Germany, too. It was an exciting time.

Our intention had been to stay in England for two years, but Neil went from student to lecturer, and I was so engrossed in my career and the girls that we didn’t really notice the years flying by.

The next thing we knew it was 1996, and I was expecting twins. In June ’97, our son, Lake, and daughter, Cove, were born.

That’s when we began to think about returning to Canada. We loved the wonderful friends we had in the UK, the lifestyle and our careers, but we missed our families, and our parents were getting older and they needed us.

So, in the summer of ’98, we packed up and returned to Ottawa, Ontario. By then, the twins were toddlers and into everything. Neil and I used to laugh and say, “God gave us these two, because we were getting smug; we thought we knew what we were doing.”

For years, my life in Canada was all about the family. Sandwiched, as they say, between children and aging parents, I had neither the time nor the energy to do anything else.

By 2007, the children were relatively independent, and Neil had started his own business. While he got established, we needed another source of income, so I trained to be an esthetician. In May 2008, I opened Woodway Holistic Esthetics, a purpose-built salon attached to our home.

What a super idea that was! I got to continue being my own boss and I had a stimulating, creative career that introduced me to an endless stream of interesting people, many of whom became my friends.

Naturally, a lot has changed in the decade since I opened The Woodway, not just in esthetics but also in my personal life.  Most significantly, my parents and Neil’s have passed on, and our children have become adults.

I can’t believe how quickly the years passed. Yesterday, it seems, we were dreaming of all that we wanted to do, and now we look back on all that we’ve done.

It’s a funny time of life, because it’s so wide open and unimagined. By that, I mean that I never really imagined life beyond what you might call “middle-age.” Did you?

Of course, once it’s upon us, we have to think about it. We’ve got to find ways not just to fill our time, but to thrive and look forward to things, as we did when we were young.

That’s why I’m starting Beauty Tastes Great.

I need something new in my life. I want to learn all I can about increasing my healthspan as well as my lifespan, so that my third age is every bit as satisfying as my youth and middle-age.

Doing it via a blog makes it so much more exciting and interesting, because there’s so much to learn just to set up the blog, and then there’s the challenge of filling it each week.

There’s also the fun of connecting with other people and sharing information.

I love that about the internet. It’s so enriching! We can connect with one another around the globe, create new communities, help one another and learn something new everyday. What a powerful communications tool and it’s available to us all.

On that note, I’ve got to thank some people, because Beauty Tastes Great wouldn’t be here without:

All the clever folks who pioneered the internet, and it wouldn’t be accessible to so many bloggers without the work of the people who created WordPress and continue to drive the Open Source Initiative.

Neil Teasdale of (Rank First Solutions), who has been resourceful and patient, helping me to build this site every step of the way.

My own Neil, who helps me with everything from recipe development and clean-up to buying camera equipment and untangling technical difficulties.

My kids, who support me in whatever I do and love me as a person, as well as their mom.

All my friends and clients, who enrich my world with their different perspectives.

And you! For being here, reading this About page, and being a part of Beauty Tastes Great! I think that together we are going to make something really cool in this corner of the internet, and I look forward to your stories, insights, and sense of humour.

All the best!


Heather is not a healthcare practitioner of any kind. She is a researcher and writer, and she likes to share what she’s learned in hopes of helping others.

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